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How to Make Six Sigma Pay ?


The reason that six sigma does not pay is that many organizations micromanage it. In order to make six sigma pay, you need to:


Build a global vision of six sigma and its purpose, shared by all personnel in your organization.


Internalize the six sigma vision, goals, process, infrastructure, and methods.


  Link six sigma project goals to the business goals. 


LYNX SYSTEMS will help your company to achieve the transformation into a Six Sigma organization that pays.


We offer executive seminars, workshops and consulting in:


*    Six Sigma and Continuous Process Improvement.

*    How to integrate six sigma into your business plan.

*    Culture change to achieve a six sigma organization.

* Quality Technologies that are required to achieve an effective and efficient operation. These include:


     - statistical methods

     - DFSS

     - statistical process control

     - process optimization

     - DMAIC implementation process