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Free Seminars


We provide free seminar on your site in the following topics.  If you have any special topic in the Six Sigma areas, which you are interested, we can customize it.  We also welcome the invitation from various societies meeting.


For outside San Diego area, travel expenses may be charged.  For detailed information please call 858-683-0968 or send an email to info@lynxsys.net.


Seminar topics available:


*      Implementing Six Sigma in Non-Manufacturing Organization


o        Six Sigma was originated from the application of rigorous quality methodologies in manufacturing processes.  A few large companies had successfully adopted the methods in non-manufacturing area.  In this seminar we will explore what are the characteristics which make the six sigma successful in all business areas which include non manufacturing processes.  Examples will be provided in applying six sigma in services industries, especially how it helps to shape the strategic direction and provides measurable intermediate goals as a step stone to achieve business success


*      Design for Reliability: Reliability with Probabilistic Input Modeling


o        Reliability is an important system performance measure and design goals. Especially, important is to understand how the reliability performances relate to the design variables. The probabilistic modeled reliability is using the concept of probabilistic input variables to model the reliability output. In this process, either explicit model, implicit model or empirical model are used to describe the failure events and the cut sets of the event tree are used to describe system structure. The uncertainty lives in the real world can be seamlessly introduced into the modeling process. In this talk we will introduce this modeling process and showing a couple of real world applications .


*      DFMA-Design for Manufacture and Assembly


o       Design for Manufacture and Assembly, is one of the component of DFX, and it has being used successfully in concurrent engineering in the past.  In this seminar, we will explore When and How to apply DFMA and its relation with other six sigma techniques,. At the end, we will examine a detailed DFMA design example. 


*      Design of Experiments-Fundamentals


o        DOE is an important tool in gathering the active data for both the characterization of a process and find an optimum solution.  In this seminar, we will review a few important concept of DOE and how it can be used in various six sigma projects


*      TRIZ-Fundamentals


o        Also known as TIPS-Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. We will discuss what it is and how it relevant to Six Sigma effort.  Especially, in DFSS.


*      Everything you want to know about DPMO and RTY


o        DPMO and RTY are important metrics in the Six Sigma efforts.  In this seminar, we will explain what are these metrics, and how it can be applied to monitor the progress of any six sigma effort.  These metrics can also being used as the diagnostic tool to discover hidden factory.